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LCS Foundation donates $10,000 to provide support for UNI’s Dementia Simulation House

Jul 11, 2022
The LCS Foundation donation will support and grow programming at the Dementia Simulation House project at the University of Northern Iowa.

The LCS Foundation has announced a $10,000 donation to support and grow programming at the Dementia Simulation House project at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI). The Dementia Simulation House offers participants a sensory experience to help them better understand what it's like to live with the challenges of Dementia. The project is a collaboration of the UNI gerontology program and the Northeast Iowa Area Agency on Aging.

“We are so thankful for this donation to support and expand the programming we offer,” said Elaine Eshbaugh, Professor of Gerontology at UNI. “The majority of people living with dementia still live in their homes, so this simulation house provides a realistic setting for individuals and caregivers to experience and understand how they can help someone living with dementia.”

Eshbaugh added the LCS Foundation’s donation will be used to add cameras for training and coaching. “Our goal is to help people with dementia thrive within our community, so having the ability to look back and observe the simulation experience will help us to improve our services with participants and provide important coaching for our students and volunteers.”

More than 375 participants have benefitted from the Dementia Simulation House experience since it opened in February 2022. 

UNI’s gerontology program studies the processes and effects of aging. It is the only four-year gerontology program in Iowa. The LCS Foundation has established a strong partnership with UNI to support the continued education of students pursuing degrees in the senior living industry, including an annual scholarship.

“The LCS Foundation is committed to supporting programs that help to develop and provide hands-on experience for students pursuing senior living careers,” said Monica Friedman, LCS, EVP/Chief Human Resources Officer. “We look forward to seeing the UNI Dementia Simulation House grow its impact on students, caregivers and our industry.”

The LCS Foundation’s gift was made to the University of Northern Iowa through the UNI Foundation. For more information about the UNI Foundation, visit To request an appointment to experience the UNI Dementia Simulation House, email