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LCS Foundation Names 2023 UNI Scholarship Recipient

Jul 21, 2023
Samantha Heyer is the second UNI student to receive the annual scholarship for students pursuing careers in senior living

The University of Northern (UNI) Iowa has announced Samantha Heyer as the recipient of the 2023 LCS Foundation University Scholarship. Heyer was selected to receive the scholarship by the UNI School of Applied Human Services scholarship committee. The scholarship supports students passionate about the senior living industry.

Beginning her education at UNI as a biology major, Heyer found a desire for meaningful connections and serving individuals within her community.

“I was immediately drawn to the aging population and to those living with dementia,” says Heyer. “It can be a scary season of life but with an educated community and support system, it is possible to have a high quality of life after a diagnosis of dementia.”

Heyer added her experience has been enhanced through Dr. Elaine Eshbaugh and other professors in the UNI Gerontology program. “I have had a great opportunity to work at the Dementia Simulation House where we simulate what it might be like to live with dementia. We take pride in educating the community, building empathy, and empowering those living with dementia.”

Samantha is now triple majoring in biology, public health, and gerontology with a minor in chemistry. She looks forward to building upon her knowledge and skillset and is thankful to UNI and the LCS Foundation for their support as she continues to pursue her passion of making a difference in the lives of people who are living with dementia and their loved ones.

The LCS Foundation has established a strong partnership with UNI to support the continued education of students pursuing degrees in the senior living industry. Through the program, university scholarships are awarded annually. Other schools where scholarships are in place include Northwood University and the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire.